December 13, 2012

More Gifts For A Misfit...

I know I did 'Gifts Fit For A Misfit' a few weeks ago, but apparently that list wasn't good enough for my family and I've been forced to think about other things I'd like to get for Christmas. So here is my newest wish list...
  1. Tickets to see Annie on Broadway
  2.  iPhone 5 Campbell's Soup Case ($18.00)
  3. Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet ($79.99)
  4. Tickets to see Evita on Broadway
  5. Bigger On The Inside Scarf ($26.00)
  6. TOMS Natural Crochet Women's Classics ($58.00)
  7. "I'm A Librarian & A Thug" Mug ($10.00)
  8. New Super Mario Bros. U ($59.99) ← Justin is getting a Wii U & I plan on using it
Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt on Grooveshark

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