January 26, 2013

Sweet Little Day..

Ever have one of those days where you didn't actually have any plans but it ended up being an awesome day?  Well, that was today for Justin and I. We didn't make any plans ahead of time for this fine Saturday yet had this really nice day together.

When I got to his place this morning I was really craving food from this one particular restaurant in Huntington Village and I mentioned it to him not thinking that he'd actually want to go because of the drive, but he surprised me said he was down to go there. So after having some coffee we set out on what would be our awesome little day.

As we were driving to go get lunch Justin decided that we were gonna stop at White Post Farms because they make different types of breads on premise and he wanted me to check it out. We ended up picking up a few mini loafs and some apple bourbon cinnamon jam to have for breakfast tomorrow.
A few more minor detours later and we got to Besito, which is this awesome booshie Mexican place that I love love love. We ordered ourselves a big lunch (I always order the Budin De Mariscos, which was what I was craving) with some of their table side guacamole and a few their amazing side dishes (I highly recommend the Elotes De La Calle), and just ate until we could eat no more.
After lunch we decided to walk around, digest and possibly do a little shopping. As we drove in I noticed a little boutique called Milk & Honey, so I made sure that was the first stop on our after meal randomness walk. While there I picked up a new hat, a few vintage postcards and some sweet buttons.

Once I finished up at Milk & Honey we crossed the street and walked over to The Crushed Olive, which was this awesome store dedicated to olive oils, vinegars and cheeses. Boy, can I tell you I was in heaven. There is nothing more I love than a good loaf of bread with some olive oil to dip it in and a variety of cheeses, so even though we were full from Mexican we tried a bunch of their products. Honestly, if I would have known about this place ahead of time I would have skipped going to Besito and I probably would have dropped at least a hundred dollars on cheeses and oils for lunch. But since we did eat I just bought a tiny piece of black truffle Gouda (Which was $33.98 a pound, but worth it) to bring home.
Next on our little shopping walk was Crumbs. Even though we were both really full from all of the food we just ate we found the need to pick up a cupcake for each of us to have later on (I got a Monkey Business cupcake and Justin got himself a Carrot Cake cupcake).
When we were done choosing our cupcakes we decided to drive back to Justin's place, but not before hitting up a beer distributor so Justin could stock up on random beers for his beer fridge.We walked around for awhile, picked out a variety of beers and ciders (The ciders were for me because I really don't like beer) and then finally went home.

I really enjoyed the random day Justin and I had. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday.

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