February 3, 2013

Birthday Dinners & Possible Broken Toes...

Yesterday was Lenni's birthday so Erin and I took her out shopping to this little boutique that we frequent and then to dinner at this sweet panini place not to far from her house. We spent hours at the restaurant eating, drinking and just bullshitting. We had intended on going to a bar or two after dinner but the three of us noticed that it was snowing outside so we decided to call it a night because it was getting bad.
After dropping Lenni and Erin off and making it all the way back to Justin's after driving in the snow, I walk down the stairs to get into his apartment and the second my foot hits the floor I slip, fall and slam my left foot into the side of his table. I start crying, Justin runs over to me and takes my shoe off. It didn't look terrible but my toe was throbbing and the top of my foot was all scratched up. So I ended up spending the rest of the evening with my foot elevated because it blew up and was swollen.

I'm not sure what exactly I did to my toe but it still is killing me today. I guess I'll just have to continue to ice it, leave it elevated and see what happens.

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