February 3, 2013

Sunday Social...

1. If You Were Stuck On An Island What Are The Two Items You Would Want To Have?
My iPhone with headphones and a can opener because of the Looney Tunes cartoon Moby Duck (1965) where Daffy Duck is stranded on a desert island without a can opener and a case of canned food.

2. What Are Two TV Shows You’d Watch Over & Over?
Gilmore Girls and Criminal Minds

3. If Your House Was On Fire What 2 Things Would You Grab? (Aside from family, pets, etc.)
It's between my iPhone, my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and my DSLR.

4. What Are Your Two Most Favorite Articles Of Clothing? 

My knit Uggs and sweats.

5. What Two Movies That You Saw In The Past Year Would You Recommend To Us?

Looper (2012) and Safety No Guaranteed (2012) were both excellent.
6. What Are Your Two Biggest Guilty Pleasures?
Cheez-Its and watching HGTV.


  1. OMG I miss Gilmore Girls .... I always thought that show could go a couple more seasons