March 1, 2013

Hair Dye Makes You Nauseous...

Okay, so I have off today and obviously did not go to work. But because "Julia" called in sick yesterday I told "Marie" to text me and let me know if she was sick enough not to keep her hair appointment that prompted me to write this on Wednesday.

So, I get a text from "Marie" this morning letting me know that we were right and that even though "Julia" called in sick yesterday she still kept her hair appointment and had her hair dyed, etc. I'm texting her back exclaiming my disbelief as to how her behavior is tolerated, etc. When "Marie" texts me that "Julia" is complaining about being nauseous. Not a minute later I get a text saying "She puked on herself."

I cannot believe I missed her throwing up on herself at work! I would have been making so many snarky comments like "I guess newly dyed hair makes you nauseous. Imagine what will happen when they put the electrodes on your head..." Ugh! Next time...

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