April 12, 2013

Flat Stanley & Amy...

Almost three years ago, right after Erin and I had booked our trip to Europe, I had decided that I was going to print out a ton of Flat Stanleys and bring them with me on vacation. I figured I'd bring one for every day of the trip and leave them in various places -- I had put instructions on the back of each Flat Stanley that said to take a picture with him, leave him somewhere and send me a copy of the picture (No one actually did this and I was sad).

When I was making them before my trip I had made a blog post (Adventures With Flat Stanley...) all about the Flat Stanley Project, etc. with a template of Flat Stanley for people to print out for themselves. At the end of the post I had asked for people to send me a copy of the pictures if they actually did it.

Fast forward to yesterday... I get an e-mail entitled Flat Stanley and Amy. It was an e-mail filled with pictures of the cutest little girl named Amy cleaning up her toy and going to the market with Flat Stanley.

I cannot tell you how surprised and happy I was to get that e-mail, it just made my whole day. I thought that I'd never get a response to that post because I had made it so long ago. I mean, I know that that post get viewed frequently but I never thought anything of it.

Thank you Amy sending me such beautiful pictures of yourself with Flat Stanley. I hope you have wonderful adventures together! ::Hugs::


  1. Oh my gosh! This is such a lovely idea!
    And I SO read Flat Stanley when I was younger. It's so awesome.
    Sarah xxx

    1. It's really fun to bring him along and take random pictures with him.

  2. Replies
    1. It was! When you come home I'll show you the pictures.