April 28, 2013

Little Apartment Update...

Yesterday Justin and I had the meeting with the real estate agent that I had mentioned in my apartment hunting post. It was supposed to be for us to do a final walk through of the apartment to make sure everything worked but it ended up being that, finally meeting the owners (Who were this sweet couple with a sixteen-month-old daughter and another one on the way) and getting the keys five days early -- Which we weren't expecting.

Throughout the meeting I got to talk to the owners about the building, the neighbors, if we could do things like hang pictures (It was stated in the lease agreement that we need permission to hang pictures, paint, etc.) and get a feel for the place. They were very nice and only had positive things to say (With the exception of the bit about the weird quiet lady that lives in the apartment above), and I didn't get the feeling that they were lying to me. So that was good.

After everything was said and done (People got their checks, keys were handed over, e-mail addressed exchanged, etc.) we hopped into the car, went to buy some more cleaning supplies, came back and started to clean our apartment. We were there for a few hours, but we didn't get everything we wanted clean but hey, were gonna be living there and now have all the time in the world.

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