April 28, 2013

Sunday Social...

Did You Sleepwalk As A Child?
Never actually.

Did You Ever Try To Run Away Or Sneak Out Of Your House?
I've never done either, but when my sister was in elementary school one of my friends was mean to her thus causing her to run away with no shoes on and go missing for several hours. It was not fun.

Did You Have Any Imaginary Friends?
I didn't have an imaginary friend but I did pretend to do things like cook while watching cooking shows, etc.

Did You Ever Go Toilet Papering?
Nope and I have actually never seen a house toilet papered in real life. Not even on Halloween.

Did You Ever Sneak TV Shows You Weren’t Allowed To Watch?
Honestly there really wasn't anything that I wasn't allowed to watch that I wanted to. I can't actually think of anything that my parents would have objected to.

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