April 21, 2013

Sunday Social...

What Is Your Shopping Weakness?
I love accessories and pretty blank notebooks. I'm always buying them.

What Is Your Food Weakness?
Garlic bread with cheese. I love me some cheesy chessy garlic bread.
What Is Your Go To Movie To Watch When Nothing Is On?
I can watch The Goonies (1985) or Clue (1985) over and over again, so I tend to put those on when there is nothing really on.

What Is Your Go To Breakfast Food?
I don't tend to eat breakfast because if I eat before a certain time I'll get a stomach ache.

Do You Drink Coffee? If So How Do You Take It?
I do indeed drink coffee. I like my Cuban coffee black with a lot of sugar and regular old drip coffee I like light and sweet.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with addiction to buying pretty notebooks! My issues extends to stationary too lol

  2. Have you tried those cheesy garlic bread potato chips? They are definitely interesting.

    Found you on the Sunday Social. Hope you will check out my blog and FB page!

  3. I am always buying blank note pads! It's like a strange addiction!

    Following you back!


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