May 16, 2013

FAQ About The Move...

Since everyone that I know has been asking, I thought I'd do a little post answering the two questions I've gotten asked constantly since I've moved...

1. How is living with Justin? Is it what you thought it would be? Etc.
Living with Justin is exactly what I thought it would be like and it's basically the same as it was when I was spending the weekends at his old place. The only exceptions are that I don't leave on Sunday nights, I have a kitchen to cook in, all my stuff is there and there is more than one television. So everything is awesome living with him, we have no problems as of yet.

2. How do your parents feel about you moving in with Justin?
Honestly my parents could care less, if they cared I would have gotten an earful about it and I didn't. We've been dating over ten years and they expected me to leave at some point. Do they miss me? Probably not only because I've practically stopped by every other day since moving out -- My mail still goes the their house, I miss Nella and I still have things in my old bedroom. So yeah, they are cool with Justin and I living together.

Those are my answers and I'm sticking with them.

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