May 16, 2013

Book Review: Mo's Nose Series...

I've been given the awesome opportunity to check out some of the books in the Mo's Nose series by Margaret Hyde, which is a seven book picture book series that follows a rescued dog named Mo (Who is based on the author's best friend and the series' illustrator's rescue dog Mo) on various journeys as he discovers the beauty and wonder of colors through his sense of smell. Each of Mo's "scentsational" adventures emphasizes a different color/theme -- Which is pretty neat in this Youth Services Librarian's opinion.
Can we just talk about how adorable these books are? I love the concept behind them, the illustrations are so simple and sweet, and the fact that you can smell what Mo does is amazing to me (Each book has this Press-2-Smell technology thing going on that releases 100% pure essential aromatherapy oil as you flip through the pages after you place these stickers on them). But my absolute favorite thing about this series is that ten percent of the proceeds from all Mo’s Nose books and merchandise is donated to the Best Friends Animal Society. As someone with a rescue dog (Nella was saved from a kill shelter in Virgina when she was a puppy by North Shore Animal League) I love that donations are being made to help save animals.
So as you can tell by my gushing above, I totally adore this series and I think it would be great for any child's home library.

These books were sent to me for free for review. That being said, all of the above opinions are truly my own. As always if you wanna send me free stuff I'd totally take it, try it & give you my honest opinion of it!

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