May 23, 2013

"Julia" Is Driving Me Crazy...

"Julia" has been driving me absolutely crazy since yesterday.

First it started with dealing with her and this stupid project she does yearly. So, every year she does this horrendous poetry magazine that is a compilation of local children's poems. And every year she has a problem with it or messes something up (i.e. -- Not being able to make a Word Doc with the poems, loosing children's poems, changing children's poems, etc). This year, because she royally screwed the thing up the year before, she was only in charge of sending out the fliers to the schools and collecting the poems via e-mail (Yup, the poems are e-mailed to her and she can't put them in a Word Doc properly). But for some reason she still thinks that she is in charge of the whole thing and that she has some sort of say in how it should look, etc.

It started off with her giving me the thing to proof read. She didn't ask me to do it, she kinda just handed it to me and stuttered something about reading through it and proofing it. I begin reading through the thing (Mainly because my Department Head asked me after I complained about it just being handed to me) and see that she has gone through the whole thing with a pencil and changed the wording of the poems. Once I saw that I reamed her out. I told her she had no right changing the wording of these kids' poems and that she needs to leave their work alone. She stuttered back "Oohh, ooh okay..." to me. So that was the first thing that pissed me off.

Then later on a bunch of us are in the office discussing what the cover should be. Me being a jerk say it should be book-waves crashing onto the beach (Because of Hurricane Sandy). "Julia" who did not live or grow up in the area starts making faces (Which I called her out on) and says we should use something from inside of one of the older issues of the magazine as the cover. My Department Head shoots her down immediately telling her that they are copyrighted and it would be plagiarism. "Julia" starts stuttering trying to argue and I interject and lay into her about how plagiarizing your own work is a real thing. This just started a whole thing, and every time myself or my Department Head would walk away she'd find a new person to question about it -- She kept asking people like we were lying to her.

So those things and other little randomness throughout the course of the day, were driving me crazy yesterday.

Today she was late, leaving me by myself -- I mean she wasn't more than fifteen minutes late, but still... It's inconvenient.

And just a few minutes ago she walked away from the reference desk without telling me where she was going. As soon as she got back I said to her "Seeing as we're the only two people here right now you might wanna tell me if you're stepping away out of the department. Especially since I'm sitting in the office and not out on the reference desk..." She tried to tell me she was only gone for two minutes, but she'd tell me next time. Well thanks!

Because of what I said she is now being flippant with me. She, not two seconds ago, looked into the office and told me she was going to leave the desk to go look for books throughout the room. Really?!!?! I'm so annoyed right now.

I'm pretty sure she is going to keep this up all day, so there will probably be add ons to this post.

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  1. I worked with a "Julia" once. I hope the rest of the day went better.