June 19, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me...

1. I've had the same cell phone number since high school.
2. I hate rainy days.
3. I don't separate my laundry.
4. I compulsively buy pretty blank notebooks/journals.
5. I can go weeks without drinking orange juice, then something in my brain tells me I need it and I drink a carton and a half in a sitting. Thus I always have three cartons of orange juice in my fridge.
6. I'm really really loud.
7. I collect old soup mugs with recipes on them.
8. I buy fresh flowers for the apartment every week.
9. I have textural issues and can't eat certain foods.
10. I believe that faeries steal things.
11. My sister is two years younger than me.
12. I was originally a Psychology Major in college.
13. I hate caraway seeds & will pick them all off of everything bagels.
14. I have 3,250 songs on my iPhone & the last song I bought was "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke.
15. I make amazing fish tacos.
16. I collect old library stuff.
17. As a child I was obsessed with the Titanic.
18. I cannot do math, like at all.
19. I have an owl umbrella that has a face and ears that pop up.
20. I have almost forty first cousins.
21. I love Polly-O String Cheese and always have a package of it in my fridge.
22. I go to Home Goods at least once a week.
23. Justin & I use don't like the same brand of tooth paste, so we have two different kinds in our medicine cabinet.
24. I curse like a sailor.
25. My default ringtone is "Pardon Me" by Incubus.
Pardon Me by Incubus on Grooveshark
26. Up until the other day my text tone was the sound of the TARDIS from Doctor Who ("Favorite Page #1" has the same text tone and since she is back from college for the summer I changed mine).
27. I hardly ever get manicures when I got to the nail salon. I go in for spa pedicures.
28. I live in my black FitFlips in the summer.
29. I don't own a watch.
30. Whenever someone rings a desk bell I turn to answer it. I'm conditioned from when I was a Page.
31. I'm convinced I'm going to hell.
32. I cook food for me, if people don't like the way it tastes they can starve.
33. I love glitter.
34. When I get bored at work I make myself & "Favorite Page #1" crowns.
35. I have a raft and it's named the SS Make It To Key West.
36. I love melted mozzarella and saltine crackers together.
37. I try to take at least one picture a day on Instagram.
38. I don't have actual recipes for anything that I cook, that is why you guys get vague recipes from me.
39. I think something is wrong every time Justin calls me because he typically e-mails or texts me.
40. I have an older half sister.
41. If I could I'd skip my lunch break so I could leave work early everyday.
42. Despite what I write I do try sometimes to be nice-ish to "Julia" but that is so she can't claim I'm a total asshole to her.
43. In a few days I'll have graduated high school ten years ago.
44. People at my job can't spell my last name even though I've worked in the place for nine years.
45. I don't eat beef or chicken and the only pork I eat is bacon.
46. I use Pinterest for work, thus I get paid to play on Pinterest.
47. Most of my friends don't even know my coworkers' real names. They call them "Julia" & so on.
48. I try hard not to curse on my blog, but I curse like a sailor over on Twitter.
49. I drive a fifteen year old car.
50. I call rabbits bun-buns.


  1. Ohhhh I loved this post!

    I've had the same cell phone number since high school too, I think. LOL :)

    Bun-buns? How cute!!! :-)

    1. Thanks!

      The problem with my number is that even though I've had it since high school my sister's number is very similar so I sometimes accidentally give hers out to people.

      People who don't know me get really confused. Because I actually say bun-bun out loud whenever I see one.

  2. Woah , it seems hard to keep with a same number . Great of you ;)
    I love rain , I wonder you hate them?
    Noor's Place

    1. I love my number. I couldn't switch my cell services over until my contract was up because I refused to get a new number.

      I don't like to be wet. Rain makes me think of being stuck in wet clothing.

  3. My hubby has the Doctor Who theme song as his ring tone. Every time we watch an episode and he hears the theme song he absentmindedly reaches for his phone.

    1. LOL. Surprisingly enough I never had that happen.

  4. That song Blurred Lines is addicting! I love that song so much!!

    1. I know! It's constantly stuck in my head! It's actually stuck in my head right now. LOL.

  5. Didn't you dedicate a post to "Blurred Lines" a while ago? Ugh now I can't find it--otherwise I'd have commented on it! Anyways, I went to your grooveshark to play it at the time, liked what I heard, forgot to tell you about it, started hearing it all over (even on my Pandora!), and finally fell in LOVE. It's SO catchy! Thanks for posting it again here :)...

    PS- You know what's weird? How there are people out there who love it and then there are those that overthink it, and even find it offensive and "rapey" :-/:

    PS2- I also get paid to, among other things, use social media, hehe--all of which makes me *not* want to use it as much at the end of the day!

    1. I did do a 'Stuck In My Head' post on "Blurred Lines" a week or so ago. I ended up listening to it tons after posting about it and then I ended up buying it on iTunes. It is so flippin' catchy. I haven't done another 'Stuck In My Head' post because honestly as of late it has been "Blurred Lines" and I can't just keep posting the same song. LOL.

      I read a few articles on it being considered "rapey" and I can see how one can view the song in that way, but it's just a song. There are tons of songs with suggestive and/or horrible lyrics.

      Same here! I used all of those social media sites so much at work I don't want to go on them when I get home. I mean, I still pop onto Pinterest in the evening some times but other wise I'm social mediaed out.