June 19, 2013

Attempting To Interlibrary Loan A Book...

I am currently sitting at my desk listening to the most painful conversation ever. "Julia" is on the phone with another library in the county trying to get them to send her a copy of a book that is typically reference (You can't put holds on reference books) and she just keeps repeating herself, asking questions like she has never reserved a book in her life and stuttering. God bless the poor librarian on the other line. This is like the call from hell.

I honestly don't understand why she is having so many problems. It's her job to put books on reserve for people and have them interlibrary loaned. Ugh!

Oh no, she got off the phone and called another library about the book. Why is this so difficult?! I hope no one sends her the book because she is being a pain in the ass.

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