June 23, 2013

Sunday Social...

What Is Your Favorite Store To Shop At?
The thrift store, Fashion to Figure, Forever 21 & Nordstrom Rack are all fun.

If You Could Afford Anything & Everything, Which Designer Brand Would You Covet?
Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

Must Have Closet Staple?

Skinny jeans.

Favorite Kind Of Shoes? (Brand Or Type)
I wear UGGs in the winter, FitFlops in the summer and random ballet flats in between. My high heel brand of choice is Anne Klein.

Best Clothing Deal You’ve Ever Gotten? (Sale Or Amazing Find)
I've found some pretty sweet stuff in thrift stores but nothing that sticks out too much.

Style You’d Love To Try?
I'm not into styles. I wear what I like that looks good on me.


  1. When I was in NY 3 years ago discovered Forever 21 and loved it - There's one in Belgium and it's awful, never seem to find anything worth wearing in there.
    UGGs are a girl's best friend, of course. What about Miz Mooz for heels? So comfy!

    1. That's a shame! I hate when you find a store in one country and it isn't as good in your own. It's like Accessorize in the UK is so much better than the one in the US (Or at least I remember it being better).

      Oh yes, they are. I absolutely adore all of my UGGs.

      I've never heard of Miz Mooz heels. I'm totally going to have to look into them.