July 26, 2013

Do You Feel Safe At Work...

I wanted to share the news clip that went along with the article I posted in my recent 'Library Articles' post about the robbery at an Atlanta library because it's slightly alarming and has me thinking.

The article and this clip just makes me think of how vulnerable most libraries are, including my own. My library has an unarmed security guard, but what good is that going to do us if multiple people bust in with guns? This all just raises concerns in my mind about my safety, as well as the rest of the staff and our patrons. It's like the Active Shooters meeting that I went to in January all over again.

So, do you feel like you're safe at work?


  1. NOTHING happened when they pressed the Panic button? That's sickening... And holy MOTHER the whole thing is just horrible! I thought libraries were rather immune to crime but I guess sickos can find their way into any place they want.

    In regards to your Q, I'm fortunate to feel safe at my job, where everyone has a badge we're required to present to card readers located in front of EVERY door (except those in front of the bathrooms & stairs, of course) and even in the elevator (i.e., you can't go to most floors w/o showing the reader in the elevator your badge). We also have armed guards, cameras, and maybe more, which is AWESOME.

    But it also makes me take all that for granted, so I hope you and your colleagues are safe and that they rectify that library situation asap!!

    1. I know! In my nine years working in a library I have never once thought about the possibility of a robbery in the building. Other things yes, but never a robbery robbery.

      You're lucky. We only have a guard in the afternoon and he is very much so not armed.

      Actually since I posted this our Director has sent out a 'Disaster Preparation & Response Manuel' I mean ours is a joke, but I guess it's a start.