July 1, 2013

I Lied, I Do Heart M•A•C Just Like RiRi...

I am here to recant the statements I made in the post "RiRi Might Heart M•A•C But I Don't..." because I got my RiRi Woo lipstick in the mail the other day and I flippin' love it!
Not only is it the perfect shade of red (At least for my skin tone) but it's super long lasting -- I put it on and it lasted six hours, through a meal and multiple drinks. Since it is a "retro" matte formula it is dry on the lip, but I personally don't mind that. Overall, it is an awesomely pigmented red lipstick that I'm happy to have in my collection even though I already had Ruby Woo (I don't think it's necessary to own both unless you're a red lipstick hoarder like me).

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