July 17, 2013

Morning Full Of Stupidity...

I'm currently at work and I am beyond frustrated this morning thanks to "Julia" and "Amy's" stupidity.

I have "Amy" making phone calls trying to get in touch with her elderly father over something to do with a broken air conditioner and her daughter's asthma. I wouldn't normally mind this but she wasn't paying attention to anything or helping me set up for HER program.

"Julia" is telling patrons they can sign up for programs that are completely filled -- Even as I stand behind her and tell her that the class is full and I'm not taking anymore children.

On top of that she is making ridiculous calls to hardware stores asking which would be the best soil to use for a shoe box archeology dig program she is having.

I don't know how I'm going to make it to the end of the day. These two are killing me. 


  1. Stupid people really make me wonder who taught them how to breathe on their own and why...