August 14, 2013

Breakfast Drama...

Once a month myself, "Amy" and "Marie" order in breakfast and we typically pick a morning when only the three of us are in at 9:00am. Today was that day this month. We each order the same thing month to month, give "Amy" the money, she places the order and the food comes in about thirty minutes.

Today we ordered later than normal and the food did not arrive until after 10:00am. This meant that "Julia" was unfortunately here when the food arrived. And when it arrive "Amy" was alone with "Julia" because I was downstairs bitching at the Adult Tech Librarian about an electronics issue and "Marie" happened to run to the restroom.

While myself and "Marie" weren't around "Julia" found the need to confront "Amy" about ordering breakfast without her, etc. And whhen I got back "Amy" told me all about this and as you can guess it pissed me the hell off.

I rallied the ladies and confronted "Julia" about confronting "Amy" because I don't know about you, but if more than one person ordered in food wouldn't you say something to all of them and not just one of them? I say this to "Julia" and all I get back is some stuttered excuse about feeling left out and not feeling comfortable about confronting other. Well lady, if you aren't comfortable confronting all of us than keep whatever you're feeling to yourself.

She mumbles some other garbage, which the three of us all have answers for and she just ends up escaping from the office the minute a patron walks up -- She is still sitting at the Reference Desk pretending to be super librarian because I think she is afraid to be in the office with us and honestly I have no idea why because we've all spoke our peace.

But really, I don't understand why she thinks she deserves the courtesy of an order invite. In the past she has given us nothing but grief when it comes to ordering either because she thinks we're mind readers that should know what she wants or she is short money and expects someone to lend her some. Nowhere in our contract or any library policy or procedure does it talk about everyone having to ask every single person in the building if they want to order food or anything of that nature so I don't understand.

I'm gonna stop now because I'm just getting angrier and angrier thinking about this.

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  1. And it was the Wednesday I wasn't there to give you a hug! *sigh* You'll get a big one Monday!