August 14, 2013

Online Dress Shopping For My Friend's Wedding...

So, I am attending the wedding of one of my college friends in mid-September and it's taking place at the NYIT de Seversky Mansion here on Long Island in the afternoon on a Sunday.
My friend and his fiancé did not put a dress code on the invitation (Which really pisses me off when people do that). So I texted him to ask him about it and all I get is "Use your judgement... Don't dress like a skank..." (Um, excuse me? I only dress like a skank during appropriate skank events).

So this is me using my judgement, asking all of you what you think of this dress from ASOS. I'm kinda in love with this ASOS CURVE Maxi Dress With Bell Sleeve (Black) and I'm thinking it'll either be amazing or a totally disaster.
What do you guys think? When I asked my sister, Lisa and Liz I got the same exact answer "[Ooh] I like.." -- I blame the fact that they are all 1987 kiddies on that answer. My cousin who is older than me grilled me on whose wedding it was, time of day, etc. Eventually telling me it was okay to wear.

So lemme know what you think because I'd really appreciate it!


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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress. So much in fact that want to see it hanging in my closet ASAP. I'd also choose the middle hair to go with it :)