October 2, 2013

Girls Trip To Cancun, Mexico...

I just got back the other night from spending five glorious days in Cancun, Mexico with three of my favorite people in the whole World (Erin, Day and Chas).

We booked a five day, four night trip at the all inclusive Oasis Sens, which is a gorgeous hotel with many many many problems. I will explain to all of you in a later post why I would encourage people NOT to stay here but right now I'm going to focus on all of the fun bits (Mostly with photos because I don't want to bore you all to death with every single detail of my vacation).

After spending hours traveling and dealing with all of the normal airport, transportation, hotel stuff we were eager to start our vacation. So the minute we got our hotel keys we ran into our room, changed into our bathing suits, grabbed some frozen drinks from one of the many bars and jumped into the ocean/pool as we waited for Chas to arrive from California. 
Once she did arrive we all showered, wandered around the hotel for a bit, had dinner and watched a show at the hotel's club Kinky (It was this weird burlesquey drag strip show that bored us).

We all woke up at a normal hour, had breakfast at the buffet and arranged for the four of us to go on a snorkeling trip which was scheduled to leave not forty-five minutes after we booked it.
We were finished with our snorkeling trip by early afternoon, so we headed back to the hotel to grab lunch and went to relax in the pool with the swim up bar before making anymore plans for the evening.
Unfortunately during our time in the pool Chas got pretty drunk (She is a one drink drunk), so we all took turns dealing with that -- Which was fine because we love her.

The chaos that makes me tell you all not to stay at the hotel ensued and to get away from it we decided to check out the Oasis Grand hotel for the day (Which we ended up not really caring for).
After checking out what the Grand Oasis had to offer for a few hours we just headed back to our hotel and decided to chill at the swim up bar pool.
Eventually we got out, showered had dinner, checked out one of the hotel shows by the pool area and went down to the beach in the evening to release baby sea turtles into the Gulf of Mexico -- Yes you read that right, we released baby sea turtles and it was an amazing experience and we got to do it twice.

We woke up early to go on an excursion with Aventuras Mayas to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins that are there, but not before having another incident at the hotel.
After checking out the ruins we went into jungle or whatever you'd like to call it for some zip lining, repelling (Which Chas and I didn't do) and snorkeling in a cenote -- All super awesome.
When we got back to the hotel we changed, had dinner and headed into the hotel zone to check out a few night spots. We ended up at SeƱor Frog's and had a nice last night out.

Seeing as it was check out day we had breakfast and went for couples spa treatments (The hotel is gay friendly, so everyone thought we were lesbians and we took advantage of the couples discount we got because of it). After that we double checked our suitcases, went to check out and that is when another incident that makes me not recommend this hotel happened.

After dealing with that we got some lunch and headed to the airport to fly back to New York and California. Then about four and some odd change hours Erin, Day and myself were back home.

Overall I had a great time with my friends (No thanks to the Oasis Sens) and I cannot wait to go on vacation with them again and not to a hotel owned by Oasis.

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