November 2, 2013

To Go To My High School Reunion Or Not...

A couple of weeks ago I got an invitation to like a Facebook page for my graduating class' ten year high school reunion. I liked the page because I'm nosy and wanted to see what other people I graduated with had to say on it, but I didn't think I'd actually attend.

Since the page has gone up a bunch of my friend have asked me and others if they would be going. Just about everyone had the same response "I don't really want to go because I'm friends with the people I liked in high school and see them all the time... And it would probably just end up with the group of us standing in a corner judging people..." But that all being said, we are all still contemplating going.

Here are my reasons for not attending...
  1. I kinda hated most of the people I went to high school with.
  2. Almost all of the people I'm still friends with from high school I see on the regular.
  3. I work in the town my high school was in.
  4. Justin doesn't want to go even though it's his reunion too.
Reasons my friends and I might attend...
  1. To be nosy and see how people have changed in ten years.
  2. As an excuse to drink.
  3. Because it is being held at a local bar & Phil's sister used to date the owner, so we get free drinks.
  4. It might be funny -- Note I said funny, not fun.
So, yeah... I really don't know. I guess if everyone else goes I will. What would you guys do?


  1. I went to my ten year, but skipped my 20th. My tenth was still very clique-ish and not very fun for me. I wasn't popular in high school, and the people I wanted to stay in touch with, I have. But, it can be interesting to see how everyone has changed, or not. Free drinks are a good excuse to go!

    1. Those are the reasons I'm kinda eh about going. I really do see my friends from high school on a regular basis and the other people I don't really care about.

      But I am a curious person, so part of me wants to see how people turned out.

  2. I felt the exact same way about my 10th! I ended up going and having a nice time. There was a group of about 8 girls who stuck together all night. They got drunk, threw cake, and acted like idiots, but we didn't care. It was really fun to catch up with the rest of my class. Most of us were married and/or starting families and were well past the crappy high school stuff. :-)

    I was most surprised that some of the guys, who I always kind of thought picked on me or thought I was a nerd, came up to me and said things like, "You were always so nice to me!" One of them told my husband, "Do you know that your wife always helped me with my math homework? Couldn't have passed without her!" It resolved a lot of my negative high school feelings to see that most of my class had positive memories about going to school with me. :-)

    1. See, that sounds like an amazing time. I'd absolutely love it if mine was anything like yours. But I feel like most people are going to walk up to me to see if I'm still a bitch (Which I am but me being a bitch in high school is the result of people being mean to me about being overweight, etc. and me deciding not to take anything from anyone).

  3. I went to mine and spent it exactly like I spent high school: sitting in the corner with my best friend, watching everyone else have fun. It was super lame and I wasted so much money going to it.