April 23, 2014


As you all know (Or should know by now) I love nail art, polish, etc. So, when I came across a video about this new company on Kickstarter where you could make your own nail stickers (Think Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips but way cooler) using your own pictures called NailSnaps I had to share.

Instead of me babbling on trying to explain, here is a video all about the company...

If you didn't watch the video, here are a few gifs they made on how it works...

1. DESIGN. The FREE NailSnaps mobile app lets you design exactly how you want your photo or image to appear on your nails. Create an image that spans across your nails, or pick & choose different parts of an image for each finger.  

2. PRINT. Once you've got a design you love, we print & ship your high-quality nail polish stickers right to your door from our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.  

3. ROCK. Easily apply NailSnaps yourself in minutes. No dry time, no heat & no waiting. Rock your NailSnaps. Your custom NailSnaps will last about a week or so & application is as easy as placing a sticker & filing off the edges.

Here are some sample designs NailSnaps had up on their Kickstarter page...

How flipping cool is that?!!??! I honestly think this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while and I'm so happy NailSnaps exceeded their goal of $47,381 (Except I would have love to have donated to their campaign if I would have known about it before it ended). I cannot wait for this app to launch so I can make tons of nail stickers.

If you want to know when the app launches you can signup here or check out their various social media pages...


NOTE: This was NOT sponsored. I just stumbled across this and just thought it was too cool not to share.

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