April 2, 2014

Warby Parker Spectrum Sun Review...

Spring is here, which means summer is around the corner and I don't know about you guys but I'm super excited to pick up some cute new sunglasses to rock while I'm at the beach or on whatever adventures I decide to embark on this fine summer.

Since this is my first summer sans eyeglasses I already know the size of my sunglasses collection is going to grow exponentially and I'm blaming Warby Parker (Which is this awesome company that sells affordable prescription and non-prescription vintage-inspired eyewear) because they have some flippin' amazing sunglasses in their new Spectrum Sun Collection.

DEAN // English Oak and Striped Olive

HALL // Cherry Blossom and Whiskey Tortoise

MINNIE // Eucalyptus and Striped Sassafras

PIPER // Woodland Tortoise and Revolver Black

DOWNING // Striped Sassafras

C'mon, how beautiful are these sunglasses? I could see myself rocking all of these.

If you can't see your self wearing some of theses because you aren't sure if the frames will work with the shape of your face, Warby Parker has a Home Try-On Program where you can choose five frames, try them out for five days absolutely free to see what you like before actually purchasing them. How awesome is that?!

I actually attempted to try out their Home Try-On Program, so I could tell you first hand how it was but I ended up not being home the day the glasses were delivered and the post office sent them back. Which sucked because I was all set to do a little sunglasses photo shoot, but now I know to make sure I have them delivered when I know someone is going to be at the apartment.

Aside from them being sent back the process of ordering them was super simple. You make an account with Warby Parker, pick out the glasses you want to try (The have a handful they wont send but it says whether or not you can at home try-on with the pairs on the frame's page) and have them sent to you. You do have to put a credit card number in when you make an account but they only place a pending $1.00 charge for the five days you have the glasses but if you don't ship them back in time they will charge you for all five pairs -- Which is fair.

Despite my try-on set back I think I will attempt to do it again because I am seriously considering getting a pair of their sunglasses (Piper in Woodland Tortoise) and possibly a pair of their prescription glasses (Walker in Canton Blue) if my doctor tells me I need night time driving glasses when I go for my next LASIK post-op appointment in May.

So, what do you think of  Warby Parker's Spectrum Sun Collection and their Home Try-On Program? Lemme know!
This post was sponsored by Warby Parker but all opinions are my own.

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