April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap...

I don't know about you guys but I had a pretty sweet little weekend. It all started off Friday night with my parents taking Justin and I out for Portuguese food out -- They literately were like "Hey, wanna go out for dinner?" and I was like "Hell yes!" because I never say no to Portuguese food.

Fast forward to Saturday. I spent the day hanging out with Erin and Day shopping and then heading into New York City to attend a watch party for the Toyota Bluegrass Stakes, which was so much fun!

We had a blast all dressed up with big hats on drinking bourbon, listening to a live bluegrass band and watching the horse races at Jack Demsey's thanks to America's Best Racing-- Thank you again Dan and Victoria for inviting us!
Once the big race was done the girls and I headed over to 530 Fifth (Which if you don't know, is this amazing roof top bar with a killer view of the Empire State Building) to hang out and have a few more drinks.

We BSed, people watched and drank for a while before deciding that we should probably head back to Long Island.

Unfortunately not really we didn't make it to Penn Station on time and had sometime to kill before heading back, so we did what we had been doing all day long. Stopped at a Penn Station bar and had more drinks before heading home.

After recovering from Saturday's events Sunday morning (Surprise surprise, I woke up with a headache), Justin and I did a little food shopping and then headed to one of the little towns near us to have a little day date.

We checked out a local antique shop, where I walked too close to a picture and the framed ended up breaking. Thankfully they didn't charge me for it because it was obviously their fault for putting it where they did. We wandered around the over priced store for a little longer and then headed out to walk around the town.

We did a little window shopping, eyed up the local restaurant scene, took silly pictures next to a mural, etc.
Since it started to get a little windy we decided to go for lunch at the restaurant we had our most recent anniversary dinner at. Unfortunately when got there they informed us that they weren't actually open until 2:00pm, so we had to kill an hour.

We walked a little more and then decided to just go to the bar next to where we wanted to eat to have a few drinks. Surprisingly we had a blast at the bar because the chick bar tending was awesome.

After drinking a little more than I should have (Hey, I wasn't the one who drove), we walked next door to have lunch.
And can I tell you, lunch was amazing. We both shared a bunch of food and ate ourselves into slight food comas. It was so great. I honestly cannot wait until we go again because I flipping love this place -- I am currently trying to figure out how to get Justin back there soon.

After we finished our delicious food we went home. It was just the prefect end to a sweet little weekend.

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