May 12, 2014

50 Random Facts About Me...

  1. I kept the parking receipt from the day Justin proposed to me
  2. I have mini internal panic attacks when other people try to bag my groceries for me.
  3. I know more about baseball than I would like to admit (Damn Justin forcing me to watch the Mets).
  4. After having LASIK I now have "bad" 20/20 vision.
  5. I don't have my own computer at home but I have a 27" iMac on my desk at work.
  6. I suffer from "Low Battery Anxiety Disorder" and thus I carry a wall charger, as well as two external battery chargers (One is solar powered), with me at all times.
  7. I love sitting in bed with a cup of tea watching ghost shows (ex. Ghost Adventures & Dead Files).
  8. My nose is pierced & it has been for almost nine years.
  9. I hate eBooks and refuse to help patrons with their eReaders.
  10. I have accidentally worn black pajama pants to work.
  11. I love anything that tastes like black truffles.
  12. Because I take so many pictures of things on my desk at work and post them here or on Instagram, I don't have any pictures of Justin anywhere you'd be able to see.
  13. I basically use my iPad for playing Candy Crush & going on Pinterest, that's it.
  14. There is always unsweetened cold brew tea in my fridge.
  15. Justin and I have been together longer than one of his sisters has been alive.
  16. I like to take a "mental health" day or two on the beach during the summer in lieu of going to work.
  17. I cook dinner four days a week.
  18. Before Nella I hated dogs. 
  19. I own more than five Scrabble boards.
  20. I crack my knuckles. 
  21. Victorian death photos fascinate me but Justin won't let me have any.
  22. I love raw tuna but hate it fully cooked.
  23. If you want me to do something, you can bribe me with fancy cheese.
  24. There are 45+ photo apps on my iPhone, no I don't use them all.
  25. I don't eat chicken but I will cook it for Justin.
  26. When I'm really bored at work and no one is around I make Snapchat videos of puppets singing random song and send them to all of my friends (We have a lot of puppets). 
  27. I have almost forty 1st cousins on my mother's side of the family & I am one of the "younger" ones. 
  28. I drink at least two cups of tea a day.
  29. My friends in college once thought that the local liquor store gave me a membership card because of all of the alcohol that I bought* -- It was actually a scratch off I got myself.
  30. According to my sister I am my parents' favorite child.
  31. I have a mini Madeline doll on my desk.
  32. My favorite mixed drink is an amaretto sour but they give me heartburn if i have too many.
  33. I have four name tags at work that all say different names & titles on them, that I refuse to wear.
  34. I only have 1.4 GB left on my 32 GB iPhone 5 and because of that I can't wait for the iPhone 6 (Or whatever the hell they are going to call it) to come out so I can upgrade to a 64 GB phone.
  35. I have a scar in my belly button from when I had my gallbladder removed.
  36. I would one day like to own a replica Weeping Angel statue from Doctor Who.
  37. Mozzarella sticks are my favorite fried food.
  38. I collect old buttons.
  39. MAC Kanga Rouge is my favorite lipstick of all time.
  40. I never look at my work schedule and come in when I think I should.
  41. Since having LASIK I've gone sunglasses crazy and own over twenty pairs.
  42. I only recently discovered how amazing dishwashers are.
  43. Justin and I have a closet full of bottles and cans we need to recycle.
  44. When I'm bored during my lunch break I go to the local drugstore and buy makeup I don't need.
  45. I have a Hello Kitty dress up magnet on my desk and I change her outfits depending on the season.
  46. I had to change my travel plans for 2014 because Justin proposed to me. I was planning on going to Spain and Portugal with Erin and Day but that's not happening now.
  47. Thirty-four is my favorite number.
  48. I don't have any pictures later than 1984 framed around my apartment.
  49. I want to try my hand at vlogging and am going to attempt to vlog an upcoming trip.
  50. I love lamp... Just kidding.
* I bought a lot of alcohol in college but it wasn't all for me


  1. I love these types of posts. It's a fun way to get to know more about you. The angels from Doctor Who would make ME weep though--from fear!

    1. I'm so glad because I was wondering if I was boring people with posts like this, but I do them because I love reading other peoples.

      LOL. All of my friends that are Doctor Who fans think I'm crazy for wanting a weeping angel.