May 25, 2014

BeautyCon NYC...

Yesterday I attended BeautyCon NYC and here's how that was...

Since we purchased PRO tickets we were told we could get in an hour early, so my sister and I woke up super early to get ready, catch the train, meet up with her friend and YouTuber Samantha and get to Pier 36 where the event was taking place.

The getting ready to meeting up with Samantha went well, but the actual getting to Pier 36 was a bit of a cluster. The cab driver we ended up with had no idea where he was going and we ended up having to use Google Maps to get the directions ourselves and telling him where to go.

Once we arrived at the actual location it was probably 8:30am and we thought we'd only have to wait thirty minutes on the line -- Oh, we were wrong.
We waited and waited. Niki whom I meet at LuckyFABB last year, happens to be friends with Samantha and she showed up along with her friend Carla, so we were all talking. We waited some more... Liz showed up. And the waiting continued until around 9:30am -- Thirty minutes after we were told PROS & VIPS could go inside -- and then we were shuffled through to another line, that was still outside of the venue, that we had to wait on.

We were all talking and complaining at that point, so I don't remember exactly how long we were waiting on the second line. But eventually we got inside.
Once inside we made the mistake of looking around and not heading to various booths while there weren't huge lines, thus we ended up spending a majority good chunk of our time at BeautyCon waiting on lines to get the "free stuff" we paid PRO price to get. So that sucked.

While on the bareMinerals line (Which took forever and a year to get to the front of) Samantha's friend Bailey showed up, so I had a chance to talk with her as we waited to get color matched with their new bareSKIN Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, which we all got full size of with the Perfecting Face Brush they made to go with it. So that was nice.

But because the lines went on forever we didn't get to attend any of the panels. Which was disappointing because some of my personal favorite YouTube gurus were speaking at them. But from what I heard from people walking around, the main stage area was packed and you couldn't hear anything.

I did thankfully get to meet one of my favorite YouTubers Claire Marshall. I had a chance to speak to her for a hot second, got a hug and took a very unflattering picture with her. I also got to meet P'Trique and take a picture. But I missed out on Kandee Johnson and Marlena of Makeup Geek.
To be honest with you, when we got the tickets we didn't know what exactly to expect but this event was so underwhelming. There were tons of teens/tweens with their parents, which none of us expected. We all thought it would the kind of event you could do a little networking, meet some YouTube gurus, check out some make up and beauty brands, etc.

So that being said, I won't be attending BeautyCon ever again. It was an experience and something to do on a Saturday but I spent way too much money to be so underwhelmed. But despite being disappointed by the event, I am happy I had a chance to meet Samantha, Carla and Bailey.
 Here's all the information on all of the lovely ladies I spent the day with at BeautyCon NYC...

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