May 14, 2014

New ABC Show Selfie...

Have any of you seen the trailer for ABC's upcoming show 'Selfie' starring Karen Gillan & John Cho? I just watched it and I'm kinda excited for it. I love both Karen Gillan and John Cho, Instagram and My Fair Lady (1964), so I think this show could be all sorts of awesome.

Here it is for those of you that haven't seen it...

What do you guys think? Something you'd watch or pass on?

And no, this post was not sponsored. I just really loved Karen on Doctor Who (1963-Present) and want to see more of her on my TV screen because I miss Amy and Rory. But it is unfortunate that the show is going to be on on Tuesdays at 8:00pm because I'm still at work at that time, but that's why we have a DVR.