May 14, 2014

Call The Police...

Oh boy, I just had a frantic patron come up to me at the Youth Services Reference Desk asking me to call the police because she was just threatened by another patron downstairs in the Adult section of the library.

Apparently this lady was downstairs in the library's quiet study area and there was a person talking loudly on his phone, so she went to Adult Reference to complain because he was being rude to elderly patrons when they asked him to quiet down. Whoever was at Adult Reference didn't do anything about it and when she came back into the quiet study area the man proceeded to curse her out, calling her a snitch, threatening to shoot her, etc.

So she said she picked up her stuff and went back to Adult Reference extremely upset and she claims that again, whoever was down there was no real help but they made the man leave. As he did he threatened to have her jumped and killed.

Frustrated and scare she came up to Youth Services and asked me to call the police. I called our Director down and proceeded to call the police for her.

Our Director talked to her then went and checked to see if a man by the description given was anywhere near the building. He wasn't, so our Director talked the woman into going downstairs with him and waiting for the police officer to arrive.

After that I don't know what happened but I hope I don't have to deal with a psycho trying to shoot up the library.

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