August 10, 2014

Sunday Social...

1. One Show You Would Love To See On Netflix That Isn’t There
I really want to watch the Australian show The Librarians (2007-2010). I mean it's on Hulu Plus but I'd need a solid block of time to watch it because the Hulu Plus free trail only lasts a week and I don't feel like I need Hulu Plus because I use my sister's Netflix account. But when I'm off for a good chunk of time (Like the few days between my wedding and honeymoon) I'll set up the free account and hopefully bang out the whole show.

2. One Song You Wish They Would Play More On The Radio
I typically don't listen to the radio because I just hook up my iPhone (With the exception of currently because I broke the cord and have been too lazy to go to Radio Shack and get another), but I'd love to hear more rock on the radio. Unfortunately here on Long Island we don't have any great rock or alternative stations, but there is hope we will one day.

3. Your Favorite Song To Sing Loudly To In The Car

Oooh this is hard. I love singing loudly to lots of songs. Here is a random mix of songs I'd sing loudly to with or without someone in the car...

Loud Car Sing Along by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

NOTE: I may have had these songs blasting in my headphones and might have been mouthing the words...

4. What Movie/TV Show Do You Quote The Most?
Oooh I quote lots of things. Gilmore Girls (2000-2007), random Saturday Night Live (1975-Present) skits, viral YouTube videos, etc.

5. One Silly Thing You Do Daily
I dunno...


  1. Yeah I had a hard time with the silly question as well!

    1. I honestly didn't know what to put for it because I'm odd but I don't think I do silly things. LOL.

  2. I love that song by Whitney!! I didn;t know what I do daily silly

    1. Isn't it a great song?! It's actually my ringtone for when my sister calls.

      It was a hard one. Like I said above to Melissa, I'm odd but I don't think I do silly things

  3. So many of your songs I am right there with you! I wanna dance with somebody, hold on, free fallin... yes!!!