August 24, 2014

Sunday Social...

1. What Are You Most Looking Forward To About Fall?
Being married and starting a new life adventure.

2. What Is Your Favorite Sports Team?
I'm not really big into sports but I guess I'm a Mets fan by association thanks to Justin.

3. If You Could Go Back To College Is There One Thing You Would Change?
Unfortunately the things that ruined my college experience aren't things that I could go back and change (ex - Breaking my ankle while visiting Justin at his college, my Abuela dying and spending my twenty-first birthday in the hospital because I had an inflamed gallbladder that needed to be removed, etc).

4. What Was Your Favorite Class You Ever Took? (High School or College)
Favorite class ever... Hmmm... I loved chorus in high school. We had the best teacher ever and if it wasn't for him being oddly involved in his students' lives, I wouldn't be with Justin.

5. Reach Into Your Purse What Is The First Thing You Grab? 
An Ipsy bag that I use to put my iPhone charger and external backup battery in.

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