September 5, 2014

Significant Other Tag...

Since we're getting married tomorrow and shortly after you will probably be bombarded with wedding posts, I thought I'd do a little significant other tag so you guys know a little bit more about Justin and I.

1. Where Did You Meet Your Significant Other?
Justin and I met in high school.

2. What Was Your First Date?
Dinner and a movie. Daredevil (2003) to be exact and we made out.

3. Where Was Your First Kiss & How Was It?
The day after Valentine's Day 2003 under a blanket while we were hanging out watching a movie with friends and it was good enough for me to break up with my boyfriend to date Justin -- Yes, I was a horrible seventeen-year-old and I kissed Justin while I was dating someone else.

4. Did You Know They Were The One?
At the moment when we first kissed? No. But I knew I loved him right quick.

5. What Was Your First Impression?
The funny thing about this is that I have a note that I wrote to Chastity somewhere at my parents' house talking about the first time I saw him, which was in our 11th grade US History class. And it went something like "Who is that kid over in X row? I've never seen him before. He is kinda cute."

6. When Did You Meet The Family?
He had met my family before I met his because we were kinda friends before we started dating. I met his mom and stepfather a couple of weeks into us dating. FYI -- She did not like me.

7. Do You Have A Tradition?
What kind of tradition? This is not a very specific question...

8. What Was Your First Road Trip?
The summer between high school and college we drove down to Virginia to go hang out at my cousins's house and go to Busch Gardens, etc.

9. Who Said I Love You First & Where Were You?
I don't remember. Probably me.

10. What Do You Argue About The Most?
About how I'm the one always making plans for us and how he can never call anyone to make plans.

11. Do You Hate Any Of Their Exs?
I'm the only girlfriend he has ever had.

12. What's Their Job?
Can't say, but I will say it's the reason there are no pictures of him up on the blog.

13. Who Wears The Pants In The Relationship? 
Totally me. Sorry Justin...


  1. Aww high school sweethearts, and his first girlfriend- so cute! Why didn't his mom like you?! Congrats on the wedding, can't wait for pics!

    1. Awww thank you!!

      I stole her son. She got over it but now I hate her. LOL.

  2. High school sweethearts? That's so cute! I hope his mom likes you now!

    1. Yup. People are shocked when we tell them that we've been together since high school.

      She claims to but I hate her. LOL.