October 16, 2014

Mr. Kate Beautymarks (A Review But Not Really)...

As of last month I've been completely obsessed with Mr. Kate's Beautymarks and I've gotten a lot of real life questions about them, so I thought that I'd do a little post about them since I love them so.

Mr. Kate's Beautymarks are temporary gold and silver foiled, black and watercolor "make-up" (Think fancy amazing adult temporary tattoos. Yes, they are like Flash Tattoos but way more awesome in my opinion) with hand-drawn/painted designs by Kate Albrecht -- Who for those of you that aren't familiar with her, is a jewelry designer/blogger/YouTuber.
Each package of Beautymarks contains two sheets with a variety of quirky designs and they retail for $12.00 a package and the shipping is free if you are in the United States, $8.00 for Canada and $11.00 for all other international destinations.
The packages state that the Beautymarks will last from 2-4 days but from personal experience with the "Original" foiled ones, that time varies depends on where you put them. I've had them on my feet and legs for weeks, while ones on my hands or wrists only last 5-6 days. That being said, the color does change on them after awhile. So instead of shiny gold (Those are the only ones I've used as of thus far) they turn kind of an antique-ish gold, which is still beautiful and might be more wearable to some.

In terms of the real time wear time on the Watercolor Beautymarks I'll have to get back to you. I'm saving them for my Halloween costume and I will definitely add a note to the bottom of this post about how long they lasted me.
So as you have probably guessed, I highly recommend Mr. Kate's Beautymarks. They are a wonderful and beautiful way to add a little something to your look without having to commit.

If you try out Mr. Kate's Beautymarks let me know, I'd love to know your thoughts on them.

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