October 12, 2014

Sunday Social...

How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name?
I was sitting in one of my classes for my Masters and they told us to make a website, so I thought about what represented me and I'm a bad librarian who likes to go on adventures. Thus the blog title.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Blogging?

Meeting new people, writing about things I'm passionate about, etc.

What Is One Thing You Have Discovered Because Of Blogging & Now Can't Live Without?
Other bloggers who have be come my friends. I love seeing what they do, learning from them, etc.

Facebook Or Twitter? Why?
Instagram but that isn't an option. But of the two I would have to say Twitter because I don't use Facebook for my blog stuff and I say whatever I want on Twitter, even stuff I wouldn't say here.

If One Celebrity Read Your Blog Who Would You Want It To Be?

I'd be cool with any celebrity reading my blog...

What Is Something You Want People To Know About Your Blog?
If it seems like it's all over the place it's because that is exactly how I am in real life. I love and hate lots of random things and I want to talk about all of them. So that is why you get stories about my job and life mixed with beauty, crafting and entertainment stuff. It's all stuff I enjoy and I hope people enjoy my randomness.


  1. Hi NY Librarian-

    During Sunday Socials break, we’d like to invite you to Sunday Stealing. It’s a great meme (or survey if you prefer) and was started in 2008 and has a great lineup of players. Check it out for yourself. You can even play today if you are up to the challenge!


    1. I'll definitely be stopping by next week to check out the questions!

      Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. Visiting from Sunday Social! Drawing inspiration from other bloggers and seeing what kind of photos they're taking and goals they are making is one of my favourite things about blogging.

    1. I agree. I love all of those things about blogging too.

  3. My blog is all over the place, too! That's okay - randomness keeps it interesting!

    1. I totally agree. I think the more random the better.