October 19, 2014

Sunday Steal...

Since Sunday Social is no more and Bud over at Sunday Steal noticed I enjoy my weekly questions and told me all about it, I thought I'd give it a shot. So here are my answers to this week's Sunday Steal...

Do You Like To Travel?
I absolutely love traveling and going to new places.

Where Have You Been?
I've been various places in the United States. I've traveled to England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Mexico and Aruba.

Next Place You Want To Go? 
I'm currently talking to Justin, Erin and Day about going to Spain, Portugal and Morocco next summer, as well as to the Bahamas for a group Dirty Thirty trip next November.

What Is Something You MUST Take With You When You Travel? 
My cameras and McMoose.

How Do You Like To Travel? (Mode Of Transportation)
I honestly don't care as long as I get where I want to go.

With Someone, Or Alone? 

With other people.

Do You Dance In Your Car When There Are Other People With You? 

Of course I do!

If You're Quiet What Does It Mean? 
Depends. I could be pissed or I could be focusing on something...

Favorite Scent? 

Roses and grapefruit.

Favorite Store? 
I don't have one.

Say You Wanted Coffee, What Kind Is Your Favorite?  

Cuban coffee with a ton of sugar in it.

Favorite Kind Of Pizza? 
Plain or with vodka sauce.

Do You Get Embarrassed Easily? 


Do You Mind People Asking You Personal Questions? 

You Have A Tank Of Gas, $50 & The Day Off, What Do You Do? 
Ask Justin and/or Erin to go on an adventure.

Favorite TV Show? 
Gilmore Girls was my favorite show when it was on. Now, I guess The Walking Dead or American Horror Story.

Song You Turn The Volume Up All The Way To Listen To? 
All of them. I love loud music.

Something You Keep In Your Car? 
Tons of weird stuff. Colored pencils, shoes, books, etc.

Highlight Of Your Day? 
Today? Spending it with Justin doing randomness.

Something You Do Everyday That You Wish You Didn’t Have To Do? 
Go to work...

Do You Mind If People Just Show Up At Your House Unannounced? 
Yes. Unless they bring me food.

What Do You Do When You Disagree With Someone? 


Do You Enjoy Rain
Not at all.


  1. I'm really weird because I love when people show up unannounced. I think because it NEVER happens anymore.

    1. Unless it was Erin, I'd probably freak out because I'd be worried if my apartment was clean, etc.