November 1, 2014


I don't know about you guys, but my friends and I absolutely love dressing up and going out for Halloween. So this year we decided (Last Friday to be exact) that we were going to all go out as sugar skulls (Día de Muertos calavera makeup), so we met up at Amanda's house around 8:00PM to get ready and oh my God, did it take forever. Especially because I ended up doing my own makeup, as well as Erin, Day & Toni's. While Amanda did Day, Erin and her own hair, I had thankfully curled my own earlier in the day.

Despite how long it took us to get ready last night we didn't take a ton of pictures, so here's the little that we did take...
And of course McMoose came out for some Halloween fun...
Yeah, so we partied until about 3:00AM and before heading home Toni and Erin decided that they were hungry so I made a detour to a 24 hour bagel shop so everyone could get their drunk (Or in my case, sober) munchy on.

It was good night. I just wish that I didn't have to work today or else we would have stayed out later.

So, how was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Party? Lemme know!

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