November 23, 2014

Sunday Steal...

1. Are You Celebrating Thanksgiving At Home Or Elsewhere This Year? With Whom Will You Spend Thanksgiving Day?
Justin and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at my parents' house this    

2. What Do You Have For Breakfast On Thanksgiving?
Same thing I have every other day of the year. Tea or coffee.

3. Do You Go To A Thanksgiving Parade Or Watch One On TV?
Neither. I watch The Godfather (1972) all day long.

4. Do You Serve Appetizers, Lunch Or Snacks During The Day?
My mom typically has big bowls of fruit and nuts out and we pick on other random things.

5. What Do You Wear On Thanksgiving? 
Comfy clothing. It's normally just my parents, sister and I so we try to be comfy but with makeup on because my sister and I love Instagram.

6. What's Your Thanksgiving Table Like -- Do You Use Special Plates/Silver/Glasses, etc? Do You Have A Centerpiece? A Color Scheme? Candles?   
My mom might throw a tablecloth on the table but that's really it. Like I said, it's typically just the four of us.

7. Do You Serve Buffet-Style Or Family-Style? What Do You Have To Drink? 
Family style.

8. Once You're At The Table, Do You Say Grace Or A Toast Or Does Everyone Go Around And Say What They're Thankful For?    
None of those things. 

9. Do You Have Dessert Right After The Main Meal Or Later On?   
Later on. We digest a little and then go to town on dessert.

10. What Do You Do With Your Leftovers?
My mom makes stuff with it, like turkey pot pie. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the Thanksgiving menus because I don't eat turkey, etc.


  1. I hope you enjoy your holiday, even if you don't like turkey.

  2. OMG My sister always made us watch The Godfather series on Christmas Eve.... I was like... SHOOT ME NOW! LOL.... I'm not a big turkey fan either... which is why I always have a Honeybaked ham. LOL (just for me!)

    1. LOL. It is really long and not everyone likes it. When my husband and I were dating I tried to get him to watch it and he just fell asleep.

      LOL. I make myself fish to eat for Thanksgiving.

  3. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I have too many places to go and not enough hours to get there!