November 24, 2014

Photo-An-Hour: Saturday, November 22nd...

8:00AM - Justin and I drove into Queens to go wait on line outside of Citi Field for Foo Fighters tickets.

9:00AM - Waiting in the cold.

10:00AM - Mrs. Met rocking a Foo Fighters Mets jersey.

11:00AM - Almost to the ticket window...

Made it!!!

12:00AM - My reward for standing outside int he cold for hours, Mexican food!

1:00PM - Driving back from Queens.

2:00PM - Stopped at the thrift store to get ugly sweaters. Ended up with a painting of a cock.

3:00PM-5:00PM - No photos because Justin and I took naps.

6:00PM - Driving to meet up with our friends for dinner and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

7:00PM - Waiting for our friends to show up for dinner.

8:00PM - Fish and chips that weren't that good and took forever to get.

9:00PM - H (Yes, that is her actual name) & Phil playing video games as we wait to get seats.

10:00PM - Waiting for the movie to start.