November 10, 2014

Things People Ask/Say When You Have An Unnatural Haircolor...

As you may or may not have noticed, I currently have purple hair* and when you work in a public setting as I do you hear a lot of comments whenever you change something about your appearance -- People just love making comments. So I thought I'd share with you all some of my favorite comments as of late regarding my purple hair...

"I Love Your Hair! How Did You Get It That Color?"
I had my sister** (Who is technically a licensed beautician, who does not actually work in the field) dye my hair.

"Does It Wash Out?"

"How Long Does It Last?" and/or "How Long Do You Plan On Leaving It That Color?"
Well seeing as I had to bleach my hair to be able to dye it this color, a good long while. Which is promptly followed by...

"You Had To Bleach Your Hair To Get It That Color?!"
Umm, yeah... I have naturally dark hair, so yeah I had to bleach it to make it purple.

And then from there we move on to the people that think they are being cute and/or witty...

"Is It Natural?" followed by an awkward laugh
Do you really think you're the first person that thought it was cute to ask me that? I've had a dozen other people say that to me. You are not original.

"Isn't Halloween Over?"
I didn't dye my hair purple for Halloween. I was actually planning on dying my hair purple back in April/May but Justin proposed to me and I figured it would be best to wait on dying my hair an unnatural color before the wedding -- Not that I would have cared if I had a weird hair color in my wedding photos***.
"What Does Your Husband Have To Say About Your Hair Color?"
He has nothing to say about it. It's just a fact of life that he accepts.

"Do You Have A Job?"****Yes I have a fucking job! I have purple hair, a job, a BA in English and a MA in Library and Information Science with a focus on School Media -- I had to stop myself from cursing out the person who asked me this.

In addition to the above I have people tell me my hair is awesome, they love it and then 90% of the older women tell me that they'd love to dye their hair an unnatural color but they aren't brave like me and/or they can't because of their jobs.

So yeah, those are just a handful of things people ask when you are rocking an unnatural hair color.

* This is not the first time I've had an unnatural hair color since I've been working as a librarian.
** My sister dyes my hair 95% of the time that I have it colored. The other 5% I do myself.
*** I'm in my cousin Lisa's bridal party and she is terrified that I'm going to have an unnatural hair color during her wedding.
**** This one was asked while I was at the post office and not in the library.


  1. My hair was pink for awhile. I think my favorite question was, "Do you like it?" No, I hate it, that's why I kept it.

    1. LOL. People really do ask silly questions.