November 10, 2014

Hello Geeky Is Back...

The Hello Geeky girls are back and I'm so excited! After months of being M.I.A. Chastity and Gloria are back to podcasting and I can't wait to listen to them. And since you guys know I love supporting my friends, I had to make a post about their return! So without blabbering on anymore, here are their last two podcasts...

The fourth podcast isn't new, it's from back in like March but I forgot to post it here...

But the fifth is brand new and I know that they've already recorded their sixth podcast.

For updates on their podcast you can follow them on Twitter (@HelloGeekyGirls) or Instagram (@HelloGeekyGirls). Or on their personal Twitters, @Chastity_V and @Glowpinkstah.

If you enjoy their podcast and want to e-mail them your questions, comments, ideas for segments you'd like to hear or ask for advice you can do so at or leave me a comment below and I'll pass it on to them.

And if you want to listen to past podcasts you can check out my post here or go straight to SoundCloud.