December 2, 2014

Product Review: Spooky Eyes "DreamEyes" Contacts...

Since I've had LASIK I've been able to play around with colored and funky contacts, so when I was give the opportunity to receive a pair of Spooky Eyes' new DreamEyes I jumped on that.

What is Spooky Eyes? It's an online retailer from the UK that has a pretty awesome selection of non-prescription contact lenses. The prices vary from $19.95 for a pair to $29.95 for a complete lens set with the contacts, contact lens case, contact lens tweezers and a 40ml bottle of contact lens solution. Which is really good because I've seen comparable lenses for double or triple the price. Plus Spooky Eyes offers free shipping.
The pair I picked out was their Glimmer Black & Silver Contact Lenses (60174), which look like this...
Unfortunately I am unable to get a good picture of them in my own eyes, so I will insert one when I can get someone to take a picture for me.

But take my word for it, these Glimmer Black & Silver Contact Lenses look awesome and they are super comfortable. I have several pairs of colored contacts from another company that were double the price of these and I cannot wear them for long periods of time because one pair in particular irritates my eyes.

Spooky Eyes contacts really are great if you are looking to change your eye color or to enhance your look. They have a great range of contacts from natural looking colors to sparkle and party colors, they also have some amazing Halloween lenses.

Over all, the Spooky Eyes lenses are beautiful, comfortable, affordable and most of all FDA approved.


  1. Those look like fun! I'm afraid of contacts, but would love to try something like this.

    1. See, I was always okay with my prescription contacts because they measure your eye to give you to correct size. The problem with non-prescription contacts are they don't do that and they can move around on you. But these ones in particular stayed fairly well, my other ones no so much.