December 21, 2014

Sunday Steal...

1. Do You Send Christmas Cards?
I did last year but I haven't this year.

2. How Soon Do You Start Shopping?
I normally give people cash or books, so not super early.

3. Who Do You Shop For?
My parents, my sister, Justin and maybe another person or two.
4. Do You Put Up A Christmas Tree?
I do.

5. If So, Is It Fake Or Real?

6. Do You Like Tinsel?
Never used it.

7. Do You Use Homemade Or Store Bought Ornaments?
I like both. When I was in high school I made a whole bunch in wood shop.

8. Do You Put Christmas Lights Outside Your House?
My parents do. I don't have anywhere to hang them outside my apartment.
9. Do You Put Lights On The Tree?
Nope but only because my fake tree is prelit. 

10. How About Popcorn & Cranberries?

11. Is There A Wreath Hanging On Your Door?
No but only because we are in an apartment.

13. Do You Hang Up Your Stocking?
Yes we do. I have two New York Mets stocking hanging behind our tree.

14. Does Your Family Read "Twas the night before Christmas"?

15. Christmas Movie?
Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

16. Character From Any Christmas Movie 
Hmmm... I'll have to thing about this.

17. Christmas Song 

Christmas Playlist by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

18. Christmas Memory
Don't have any particular one.

19. Give Or Receive?
I like both.

22. Ham Or Turkey?
Neither. Paella.

24. White Lights Or Colored Lights?  

25. Blinking Lights Or Still Lights?

26. Were You Naughty Or Nice This Year?:
Always naughty.

27. What Do You Want For Christmas This Year?
  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver 
  • Money
  • Elizabeth & James Nirvana White Perfume
  • 2014 Kate Spade "This Is The Year" Bangle
28. When Do You Open Your Gifts?
One on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning.

29. What's The Best Gift You've Ever Gotten?
Either my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 or my Canon EOS Rebel T2i

30. What's The Worst Gift You've Ever Gotten?
A bunch of Port Saint Lucie Mets crap from Justin's aunt.

31. Who Gives You The Most Gifts?
There isn't the most gifts, there is the most cash and the winner of that is my dad.

32. Have You Ever Had A Secret Santa?
Yeah but I'm not a fan of Secret Santa.

33. Do You Like Wrapping Gifts?
I don't but I'm really good at it. 

34. Do You Put Change In Those Red Buckets?
If I have change.

35. Do You Burn A Yule Log?

36. Can You Name All The Reindeer?
Only if I sing the song to myself.

37. Do You Bake Cookies?
No. I make guava puffs and cranberry almond muffins.

38. Have You Ever Seen Your Mommy Kissing Santa Clause?

39. Have You Ever Gotten A Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

41. Do You Drive Around & Look At The Christmas Lights?
I normally do but I haven't yet this year.

42. Have you ever left Santa cookies?
Doesn't everyone?

43. Have You Ever Sat On Santa's Lap?

44. Who Do You Celebrate Christmas With?
My family, Erin and Nicole on Christmas Eve and Justin's family on Christmas day.

45. Where Do You Celebrate Christmas?
Christmas Eve at my parents' house and Christmas day at Justin's mom's house.

46. Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?
I have indeed in my 29 years.

47. What Part Of Christmas Do You Look Most forward To?
Christmas Eve diner. 

48. Have You Ever Had Your Picture Taken With Santa?


  1. Merry Christmas to you and all your family! Ooooo Paella! That sounds very good!

    Are you always naughty? hehehe.. Happy New Year to you, too! I now have camera envy.. sighs..

    1. Thank you! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas too!

      The paella is excellent. It's so yummy.

      I am! LOL

      I have a camera problem.

  2. I love paella--that would be a great meal for every holiday.

    Merry Christmas!