December 21, 2014

Teenagers With Bad Attitudes & Greasy Food...

Okay, so on Thursday when I wrote that post about internal library drama and possibly going back to school I was all by myself at work. "Julia" and "Amy" both called in sick, my Department Head and "Emily" were both off, "Lori" wasn't scheduled to work until 2:00pm and "Marie" wasn't due in until 6:00pm. So I was literately alone working the reference desk from 9:00am until 2:00pm. And to be honest with you, it was slightly annoying but I was okay with it because I kind of like to be left alone -- It's way better than being stuck working with only "Julia" for hours. So that's how that day started, like I said it was annoying but I was okay with it.
"Lori" comes in and we are doing fine. We have a bunch of patrons in the department but everything was cool. Around 5:00pm, right before I was about to leave for the day and head out to have dinner with Erin, I get a patron who claimed they returned a book and it wasn't checked in properly. It happened to be true and we found the book but the patron couldn't get her child away from our iPads. So I said to the little girl "I promise if you go with mommy that the iPad will be waiting for you when you get back..." This get the little girl up and out the door with her mom. I decided to wait the few minutes for them to come back and that is when chaos started.

"Mama Page" walks over to "Lori" and I to let us know that there are three teenage boys sitting on our outside computers eating greasy food -- Fried chicken and French fries to be exact. So we both walk over, give them the "You know you can't eat next to the computers, you didn't even sign up..." speech. To which we got a major attitude.

We ask them if they have library cards if they want to be on the computer, they got snarky and asked what those were. One of them (Who I've known for years and is a little son of a bitch) decides to say that he has his school id, so he walks over to the reference desk and throws it down. I refuse to pick it up and just kept repeating "Hi! May I please us the computer?" After the fifth or sixth time of me repeating that he says "Can't I just use the computer?!?!?!!!" in the nastiest tone. I just repeated "Hi! May I please us the computer?" Eventually he says it to the desk. I ask him to repeat that while making eye contact with me, and he does. I said "Yes you may use the computer..." he tries to snatch his id and I pick it up before him and fished with "If you're name is in my permission book..." I check to book, his name is not in it. So I grabbed a permission form and handed it to him with his id and told him that he can have his parent fill out the form and once he returns it he can use his id to get on to the computer. He immediately crumples it up and throws it out but then picks it back up and rips it up in front of "Lori's" face. He follows this up by grabbing his friends and leaving but not before seeing our suggestion box and writing a note of "Be nicer" which I pulled out of the box as he was walking away and said "I'll be nicer when you decide not to be rude to me..." They start mumbling curses and walk out.

I thought I was all done with it and am about to leave for the day when the intercom buzzes and one of the adult librarians is on the line informing me about three teenage boys that would like to do their homework. I tell the adult librarian what happened, so she denied them computer access. This apparently pissed them off and they start causing a scene downstairs. Our custodian was screaming at them and he ended up calling the cops. It was a big cluster.

While I was waiting for the cops to come to explain how it all happened (Not that I wanted to because I was already late for a dinner date I was supposed to have with Erin) I found out that the boys had snuck up to the third floor which is staff only and threw French fries all over the place, etc.

Eventually a cop came and since the boys were gone there was nothing the officer could do about it. So I wasted my time waiting for the office to show up and once he walked out of the library I followed and met up with Erin for dinner.

It was just so ridiculous. I'm wondering if the boys will go home, especially the one that threw his card down at me, and tell their parents. I hope I wont have to deal with this incident again but the one kid's parents are a piece of work too, so I'll just have to wait and see. If anything else happens, you know I'll update about it.

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