January 7, 2015

Podcasts | My New Listening Obsession...

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but I drive thirty to sixty minutes plus (Because of horrible Long Island traffic) back and forth from my apartment to work on any given day. In reality I don't actually mind my commute. I'm honestly only ever angry when it's raining and the people of Long Island forget how to drive because their windshield wipers are on and apparently they are super distracting. Or my car and I get into an argument, which unfortunately has been happening a lot lately. But I digress... So basically my point is I kinda spend a lot of time in my car (This is in comparison to when I lived at my parents' house and was less than ten minutes away from work) and because of that I have time to kill. 
In the past I've been all about car dancing to the 3,100+ songs in my iTunes library but as of late I haven't been feeling it and have been searching for something else to distract me during that thirty to sixty minute range. Which has led me to the world of podcasts.

I know I've mentioned Chastity and Gloria's podcast Hello Geeky here tons since they've started it but honestly before listening to them the only other time I'd listen to a podcast was when I was in the car with Justin and he'd throw on a random Nerdist episode (Because Chris Hardwick is amazing). But yeah, aside from that there were no podcasts in my life until very recently (And yes, I feel very late to the party).

Basically after the last episode of Hello Geeky (Which at that point in time was episode twelve) I still had some time left on my commute, was stuck in traffic, didn't want to listen to music and remembered that Alie and Georgia from Cooking Channel (“Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia” and “Unique Sweets”) had a podcast, so I downloaded the first episode which was one from back in 2012 and started listening.
And oh my God can I tell you I've been opened up to a whole new world of podcasty goodness. First off, I freaking love "Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia" and have been binging on it since discovering it. Secondly I have been searching around for other podcasts to add to my little queue, which currently includes...
So, do you guys listen to podcasts? If so, which do you listen to? Lemme know! I'd love to try some more out and expand my podcast horizons.

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  1. SERIALLLLLL! I just started listening...last week, I think. I only have two more episodes to go. Soo good. I have Gilmore Guys on my queue.

    1. That's crazy! Serial is totally what I'm going to listen to next.

    2. Serial is what got me started on podcasts, but now I'm looking for new ones too. I like Chris Hardwick so I should really get started on Nerdist. The X-Files Files sound good, since I'm a total lover of all things Moulder and Scully.

  2. I write for a movie website and listen to their podcast every week. (The Awards Circuit on iTunes...)

    I love podcasts. Nerdist is one of my favorites!