March 12, 2015

The Brooklyn Flea, Cat Sitting In Hell's Kitchen, Surprise Parties & Not So Boozy Brunch...

I know you're all probably like "Holy long blog post title Batman!" but I didn't know what else to call this post because I went from having nothing to do last weekend to being totally busy and doing a crap ton of things in a twenty-four hour span -- Which includes all of the things mentioned in the title plus some more. So lets start from the beginning of last Saturday...

Since I really didn't have anything planned for my thirtieth I had mentioned to my sister and Phil that I would like to head into Brooklyn and spend the afternoon wandering around the indoor Brooklyn Flea Market. Seeing as it wasn't a crazy request they obliged. So my sister and her boyfriend stopped by my apartment, jumped into my new used car and we drove out to where Phil lives to pick him up.

On the drive there my sister and I were singing, car dancing and kinda being made fun of by her boyfriend. And in the middle of rapping "Shoop" by Salt 'n' Pepa a rock hits the windshield of my new used car and cracks it. We all bug out for a second and got over it because it could have happened to any of us. Then we picked Phil up and drove into Brooklyn.

Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa on Grooveshark

Once we got there we wandered around the shopping part of the flea for a bit before we all realized we were hungry and really needed to eat something. So we walked over to the part of the building where the food is, checked out all of the options and decided that we (We being my sister and I) wanted to split grilled cheeses from the Milk Truck -- Which FYI were awesome and I highly recommend.
After chowing down we went back to looking around and I picked up a few things, which included a safety pin keychain (My Tia has one and it reminded me of her), a 1970's globe and an old illustrated French children's cookbook. Then we decided to head back.

I had my sister's boyfriend drive my car back to Long Island and had him drop me off at the train station by Phil's apartment because Day invited me to apartment and cat sit with her in Hell's Kitchen (She was watching her coworker & his boyfriend's apartment while they were off at a film festival. She did the same for them in January while they were at the Sundance Film Festival because the boyfriend of her coworker had a short film called "One Year Lease" being shown, which I recommend watching and you can watch it here). So I hopped on the LIRR and headed into New York City to meet up with Day and Erin at the apartment.
They were kinda sleepy when I got in but I got them to rally because my friend Paul had decided on Friday that he and I were having a joint 60th (Because we both turned 30... Get it?) birthday party at Jimmy's No. 43, but what Paul didn't know was that his friend had planned him a surprise party at the same bar. It was craziness.
So we headed over to Jimmy's had some drinks, they decided they were super tired after a few hours and they left me at the bar with my college friends. I hung out with them until like 1:00am when they decided that they were all going to home and I caught a cab back up to Hell's Kitchen where Erin was waiting to let me back into the apartment.

On Sunday we all woke up relatively early and started to look for a spot to have boozy brunch. We ended up picking HK's Hells Kitchen and made our way over. Once we were seated we were disappointed to find out that despite what their menu said, boozy brunch didn't start until after 12:00pm. We stayed because we were already there and the food ended up being very good.
After stuffing our faces  we checked out a little street flea market and headed back to the apartment  to grab our bags, say goodbye to Casper (The cat) and catch a cab to Penn Station to go back to Long Island.
When we got back we decided to go get pedicures and crepes -- Which were both great decisions. Then Day's husband drove me to my parents' house where I hung out with my parents and Nella until Justin came to get me.

Overall it was a very full, very awesome weekend.


  1. I think if I lived in New York I would never run out of things to do.

    Sounds like a great weekend!

    1. Oh there is always something to do. Especially since the transit system is pretty easy.