April 12, 2015

Sunday Steal...

1. If Money Were No Object, What Would You Be Doing With Your Life? 
Honestly I'd still be working at the library because I think I'd get bored without dealing with the dingdongs that I work with but I'd travel way more than I already do and do so with an amazing handbag collection. 

2. Money Is Just That - An Object,  So Why Aren’t You Doing It?
I do travel more than the average person but I can't do more of it because I owe my soul to Sallie Mae or whatever company is dealing with student loans at the moment for my undergrad and post-grad work.

3. What’s Better: Horses Or Cows? 
Cows because cheese comes from milk that comes from cows.

4. What Do You Think The Secret To Happiness Is?
Being true to yourself.

5. When Was The Last Time You Had A Dream That You Either Remember Well Or Did Not Want To Awake From? Can You Share A Bit?
I don't remember my dreams or I'd totally share.

6. When You Were A Little Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up? 

7. Complete This Statement: Love Is… 
Not perfect and messy.

8. Can You Tell A Good Story? 
I think I can...

9. Can you remember your last daydream? What was it about?
Probably screaming at     Fill In The Blank     .

10. If You Were To Thank Someone Today, Who Would You Thank?  
My dad because he does everything for our family.

11. If You Could Be Anyone's Mojo, Whose Would You Want To Be & Why?
Oh I don't need to be anyone's mojo because I have enough of my own and I think I'm awesome.

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