May 21, 2015

Catching Up | My Life As Of Late...

So I thought that I'd do an update/catch up kind of post because I've been dealing with little bouts of randomness for the past few weeks.

For example, Justin was out of state the majority of last week for a work conference. So I pretty much did nothing, with the exception of having my sister, Erin, Nicole, Eileen and their kids over to hang out and have dinner. Which was great but the only thing I really did in the seven days he was gone.

The day before he left we had Rob, Erin and Day over (Phil attended our meeting via Facetime) to book the majority of our excursions for our trip to Iceland and Amsterdam. Which I'm super excited for. Justin did a really good job planning out things for us to do while we were on vacation so we could get the most out of our time in both countries.

This past Saturday I worked all day and then on Sunday Justin and I got into an argument so we each did our own things. He went to a baseball game and I spent the day shopping and drinking hanging out with Erin, Day, Toni and Toni's kids. Which was blast -- Justin and I made up when we saw each other later on in the day.

Also throughout all of that randomness my sister ended up in the hospital with what ended up being gallstones. So she is going to need surgery in a few weeks -- I'm taking the day off to be there for her, so I'm sure there will be a post about that.

And then today I woke up earlier than I had to and had the urge to check my bank statement, only to find out that someone had made fraudulent charges using my debit card. Which just ruined my day. I spent hours making phone calls to the bank, etc. and going to get a replacement card. I'm still pretty pissed about it.

In terms of work... For the past week my Department Head has been off, so basically I've been running the ship but not really because God forbid anyone actually tell "Julia" that she is incompetent and thus the only other librarian in the department is in charge (Yes, only other librarian. "Amy" quit back in March but because things were so weird here at the time I didn't want to mention it). So our Director keeps popping in asking how things are going, even though we all know the truth as to what's going on here.

So yeah, that's been life as of late. Nothing crazy crazy fun or exciting, but I am super excited for this upcoming three day weekend and hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day.


  1. Iceland is high on my list of places to go. I've heard it's amazing.

    Someone made fraudulent charges on my debit card too. It's such a pain. But my credit union was fantastic to work with. I hope you got everything sorted out!

    1. I know a couple of people who have been and they totally loved it. I'm so looking forward to going. And unlike my trip to Greece, my Iceland and Amsterdam posts will be up quickly.

      This is the second time it's happened to me. It happened a few days before my wedding and it sucked so much. The people from TD Bank over the phone sucked but the assistant manager at the branch I went to was wonderful. So hopefully I get my money back soon.