May 10, 2015

Sunday Steal...

1. You Have 10 Bucks & Need To Buy Snacks At A Gas Station. What Do You Get?
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi and whatever weird flavor of potato chips I could find.

2. If You Were Reincarnated, What Do You Think You Would Be? 
Hopefully rich and powerful person.

3. Who's Your Favorite Redhead?

4. What Do You Order When You're At An I.H.O.P. or Breakfast Place?
I know this is terrible but I love butter bagel and bacon sandwiches with a side order of well done home fries.

5. Last Book You Read?
"Abandoned NYC" by Will Ellis

6. Last Movie You Watched?
I actually don't remember the last movie I watched. How horrible is that?

7. Describe Your Favorite Pair Of Underwear.
I don't have a favorite pair...

8. Describe The Last Time You Were Injured.
The last time I was hurt hurt was when I cut my hand open & needed stitches in January 2014.

9. If You Could Invent One Thing, What Would It Be?

Now why would I tell you about my invention?

10. Rock Concert Or Symphony?
Rock concert all the way.

11. What Is The Wallpaper On Your Cellphone?
A street sign that I found while on my failed road trip with Erin, that is name first name.

12. Favorite Soda?
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi

13. Flavor Of Pudding?

14. Would You Rather Have A Pedicure Or A Manicure? 

15. Any Buttons Of Blinkies In Your Sidebar?

16. How Many People Are On Your Blogroll?
I have buttons for four blogger friends.

17. What's The Last Piece Of Clothing You Bought?
I bought two dresses to choose from for Alana & H's wedding.

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