June 13, 2015

RE: Entenmann's Banana Cake | A Tale Of Love & Hate...

So as I mentioned on Tuesday, I brought the Entenmann's cake into work because I thought that Nicole was working and I was planning on sharing it with her. Well I was wrong and she wasn't scheduled to work but I kinda wanted to crack in to anyways and thought that the I'd share some of it with "Lori" and "Emily" and save the rest for the next day when Nicole was in.

I busted open the box, cut three slices of cake and am ready to dig in when "Julia" walks up to me and asks me for a piece of cake...

Now before I go on with my tale I must let you all know that I have told "Julia" in the past that I will never offer her food because she is always super rude to me when it comes to ordering takeout and when other people on staff have ordered food with her, she hasn't given them enough money and doesn't take into account tax or tip. So basically, no one ever offers "Julia" food.

...I look her dead in the eyes and say no. She starts stuttering and asking me why not. I reply that it's my cake, I can share it with whomever I please and that I brought the cake in to share with Nicole but she wasn't in and I wanted to have a piece of MY cake, blah blah blah. She proceeds to tell me that me saying no "Is very telling of what kind of person I am..."

At this point I closed my eyes, collected my thoughts so I wouldn't scream at her and say in calm, low voice "Very telling of what kind of person I am? Why should I give you anything? You never offer me anything and plus I have told you in the past that I will NEVER offer you food in any matter. And our Department Head has told you that no one has to offer anyone anything... This is my cake. I bought it because it reminds me of my friend in California and you are honestly ruining this piece of cake for me."

Well she continues to stutter and go on and on about how I am lowering the moral in the office -- I stopped myself from screaming that the only thing lowering moral in our office is the fact that she gets paid more than the rest of us and all she does is sleep and fuck everything up royally. I really really really wanted to say that to her, but I didn't -- and how basically I'm a terrible person. As she is saying all of this I hate ate my piece of cake.

Eventually she finishes her rant and I decided that I was going to go upstairs and clean the knife off. As I was going upstairs I got so angry I started to cry (I tend to cry when I can't scream at someone who is pissing me off) and one of the Adult Librarians, as well as our Assistant Director sees me. I tell them what happened and how "Julia" just ruined this cake that I wish I was sharing with my friend, etc.

After about fifteen or so minutes I come back down and "Emily" tells me that "Julia" had said something about an incident (Which was really a misunderstanding that she tried to get me fired over) we had had years ago that was the beginning of our hatred for each other, blah blah blah. Whatever she said to "Emily" pissed her off and she told "Julia" she was so beyond wrong and that the incident she was speaking about was a misunderstanding and she really needs to let it go.

Once I knew she said all of that I knew that she asked me for a piece of cake because she thought I'd scream or yell and that she was trying to bait me into doing something that she could get me in trouble for. She is currently up to her neck in trouble here and I guess she figured she could get some heat off of herself if she could get me to yell and then she'd be able to go cry upstairs to someone about how terrible I am. But unlike her I'm not stupid and as much as I want to, I will not yell at anyone in or on library property.

So realizing this and the fact that I looked visably upset I asked "Emily" and "Lori" to go inside of the office, looked at "Julia" in front of both of them and said "I'm not going to appologize to you for not giving you a piece of cake because it was mine but there was a back story behind that cake being here and I want you to know that you ruined that cake for me..." and then I started to cry. And by doing that, her whole plan just circled down the drain.

She mumbled some more stupid stuff and eventually kind of apologized. I just kept my face in my hands and she just stopped talking.

Apaprently she knew she had screwed up and hasn't mentioned the incident to our Department Head. But I did and she is just disgusted that "Julia" would even pull that crap with me.

There is a happy ending to this tale. I did the next day get to share the rest of the cake with Nicole and it was delicious.


  1. Ugh! Glad you got to share the cake with Nicole the next day.

  2. How has Julia not been fired yet?! Sorry you continue to have to deal with this woman.

    1. I honestly don't know. She is the most ridiculous human ever and how she has managed to survive this far is beyond me.