September 16, 2015

Fear Of Elevators | Weird Library Patrons...

Surprisingly for some time now we haven't had an exceptionally noteworthy happenings with patrons, which is a good thing from a work standpoint but bad thing when you're a librarian-blogger who likes to share wonky work related stories on your blog. But the other day we had a little incident, if you could call it that, that I thought I should share because it was a little weird and something that none of us have ever dealt with before.

A patron walked up to the reference desk (I happened to be in our office, which is directly behind the reference desk, at my own desk doing something) and I hear her ask Nicole if she would be able to take her stroller downstairs for her. She proceeds to explain to Nicole, which I could not hear, that she is afraid of elevators and she didn't have anyone with her that could take her stroller down for her.

So Nicole walks into the office and asks me if she could bring the stroller downstairs for her. After a bit of confusion, because I thought she literally wanted Nicole to carry her stroller down the stairs for her, I tell Nicole (Even though I am really confused by the situation) she can ride in the elevator with the lady's stroller. 

Two minutes later Nicole comes back up and I ask her what the hell was that all about. She explains to me the part of the conversation she had with the lady that I didn't hear and noted that she knew her from one of her other jobs, which is the reason she rode down the elevator for her.

Still, even after hearing the explanation my Department Head (Who has never in her almost thirty as a librarian, had anyone ask her to do that before) and I were still confused. Why would you bring a stroller with you if you're afraid elevators? Why wouldn't you leave it downstairs or in your car? Why wouldn't you have like a BabyBjorn or some other baby carrying contraption?

So yeah, that happened the other day and we were/still are perplexed by the whole thing.

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